A series of site-specific projects by Miriam Parker and Jo Wood-Brown that bridge the mediums of liveness and permanence

Through works that stage paintings, video, installation and choreographies of presence, InnerCity explores the state of being in-between destinations and how our body can be present in two different places at the same time.

Miriam Parker and Jo Wood-Brown access this phenomenon of "between-ness" through the architecture of the urban environment. In layering visual, choreographic, film and sonic elements, their work generates a field that reveals how our structured environments slip between order and fantasy.

New York City based multimedia artist Jo Wood-Brown has exhibited work widely as a painter and an installation artist in galleries and in site-specific installations throughout the US and in Europe. Wood-Brown has worked within the Arts for Art community, participating in the Vision Festival for the past 20 years She founded Artist Exchange International, promoting international dialogue in contemporary art issues amongst artists in various countries. Informing her practice are many years spent drawing and interpreting artifacts of the ancient Middle East for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Currently, Wood-Brown collaborates with dancer, Miriam Parker in InnerCity Projects to build multimedia, live installations. She also lectures on contemporary art.

Miriam Parker is a New York City born and bred dancer/performance artist and arts organizer. She has lived in Europe and Israel at which time she worked with Choreographers Amanda Miller, William Forsythe, The Saarbruken ballet. In recent years she has been building her reputation in collaborative performance art, working with the artist/filmmaker, Katy Martin, Anita Glesta. Miriam Parker's work has been presented in numerous Vision Events in New York and Paris as well as at Under the Bridge Festival etc. In this past few years she has performed regularly with Yoshiko Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks, choreographer Sally Silvers and Andrea Miller Gallim Dance Company. Miriam and Jo Wood-Brown have been creating collaborative installation projects for the past 10 years.

Inner City
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10012 New York, NY
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